• From the Turquose Waters of the Caribbean Sea...

    (Spectacular coral reefs, sunny beaches, healthy mangroves and dozens of islands)

  • ...to the Mountains of the Central Rage.

    (Navigating, descending and raising their clear water rivers, visiting their communities)

  • In the middle: luxurious Rainforests.

    (Full of life, with a unique flora and fauna that appears to your astonished eyes at every step).


In the islands of Bocas you know you are on vacation the moment you arrive. No big city atmosphere. You have an inmediate sense of unspoiled and unpolluted nature. In the main island, Colon, is located the capital of the Province, Bocas del Toro City.



In the region of the banana plantations, several communities are integrated or close to the city of Changuinola. Among them we highlight El Empalme as the largest population and development. This district is the limit with Costa Rica.



This is a region inhabited by Afro-Caribbeans in their main nucleo but, leaving Almirante, the communities are Ngobes (with exceptions), emphasizing by its importance, Valle Risco, Ojo de Agua, Valle Saron, Rio Oeste Arriba and Quebrada Pastor.



This region is closely linked with the Ngobe-Bugle Reserve so its inhabitants are mostly of that ethnicity. Besides the town of Chiriqui Grande, others of importance in this region, are Punta Pena, Rambala, Punta Robalo, Miramar and Silico Creek.